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Logic therefore dictates that the best option is to have multiple guns stored throughout the house so you can access them rapidly and as the situation changes. Add a good set of night sights so you can aim under both normal lighting an low light conditions. So, given the choices, what should you choose? For these reasons and based on my own research into gun shot victims I advocate the 9mm. Vital organs are only 4" deep on humans, so a large wound which reaches only 6" deep, is deep enough to deliver the pain of a shallow wound, incapacitation of a large wound cavity with the trauma of vital organ damage. Just note that any military lethality data is irrelevant to your needs as a civilian. But neither did the family that was the victim of the Cheshire, CT home invasion murders.

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I never want to be in this situation legally where over penetrating rounds have hit a bystander and have taken measures to reduce that potential situation by selecting low penetration rounds for my handguns carried or used for defense.

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Statistically it is unlikely I will ever need to pull my gun for defense, and would be a statistical anomaly that I would also be required to defend myself in a situation which required shooting through barriers to stop an attacker. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. And there's no rule the perps won't show up with a rifle or shotgun. Some doctors say wounds close to the skin deliver the pain required to stop attackers, others note wound cavity has higher incapacitation, or the trauma of vital organ damage. The person behind the guy with the gun could be a friend, your wife, kids, or just drywall with any number of unintended targets beyond the wall. Some doctors say wounds close to the skin deliver the pain required to stop attackers, others note wound cavity or the trauma of vital organ damage has higher incapacitation. I owned a 9mm years ago that I bought on a whim, hardly ever shot maybe rdsand then subsequently sold to buy a guitar.

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