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Y'all Know We in Here. Varying the Body Shot. Release Date July 9, Styles Lick a shot for the predicate felons And gangster niggas that know that Doing their time is better than tellin Don't tell dog, lick a shot for the graveyard shift And all the hustlers on ninety-five for the graveyard prick Lick a shot for this weed I need Just to see clear, to tell the truth I can't breathe a ki Lick a shot for the stick up kids that twist up wigs Thats the shit that happens when you pick up bids Lick a shot for the foreign car, American trucks Old timers that'll throw a stack of presidents up Got dice shooter slang, need a pistol to hang But the P understand cause the ghetto is fucked Lick a shot for the fiends That got to go see the minors on the block to get medicined up Lick a shot for the sake of licking a shot And everytime I'm far away from home I'll be missing my block D-Block nigga Chorus: Body Shot Dec 26, Blog.

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This is traditionally the belly button, but it could also be the small of the back.

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Depending on the type of body shot you choose to take, you may also want a shot glass; in any event, you'll probably be doing more drinking afterward, so having some glasses handy can't hurt. And I Came To Set up the salt and lime wedge as in the first variant, then pour some tequila into a concave part of his body. If you're going with tequila, you'll also need some lime wedges and coarse salt. This isn't a hard-and-fast rule, though, so use your favorite drink. Album A Gangster and a Gentleman. A staple of college parties and late nights on the beach, body shots aren't exactly a refined type of drinking.

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Body lick shot
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Body lick shot
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