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Karl 5 months ago
Always like to get them foamed up with a well inserted finger before letting them feel my cock. Surprising how many married women complain their husbands dont finger them enough.
Juicy 3 months ago
I'm addicted to being fingered - I can't get enough. A hard, hot finger bang is so good. I fantasise of someone knocking at my door and slamming their fingers into me right there. Man or woman, I don't care.
Liam 2 months ago
Nothing better than getting a girl up so fucking hot by fingering her
Dommy 2 months ago
Just love the smell of a well fingered fanny and the fishy stench when they cum.
Karim 6 months ago
Hot love it
Horny wife 1 month ago
My wife loves when I finger her and make her get so wet and my finger gets full of her gooey juices. I then put my finger under her nose so she gets a good whiff of that scent and she'll start licking my finger and practically sucking the skin off my finger. She loves to taste herself and cums all the time
2 months ago
A manand wife flooding thier shity content . Let someone else fuck her she is a bitch that loves dick. Change the video not the titles or chang them both
hermes51 2 months ago
Senual and very erotic, a great prelude to a great fuckfest.
2 weeks ago
I love men or women to lick and finger my pussy
2 months ago
That sure is one very wet pussy