Animation by -8

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Anonymouse 3 years ago
Song title: "Julian Avila- The City". Like my comment there!
4 years ago
sans 3 years ago
That girl looks like frisk
minus8 3 years ago
really came a long ass way to improve their animation from being choppy mediocre flash loops into smooth animations that are so fucking satisfying
Asriel 3 years ago
WTF CHARA!? When i say "play with frisk" i didnt mean that way!
Asriel 3 years ago
*goes inside the room* chara have you seen fris-....Oh....forget it
toby fox 3 years ago
what has my game turned into
4 years ago
Chara 2 years ago
O-o why I am there
true 2 years ago
you can always delete your history but not your memorys